Ubuntu 10.10 Install

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Well a while back I went ahead and downloaded the RC version of Ubuntu 10.10 and played around with it. Yes that's right the RC version. Now there is a final version of 10.10 which was released on the 10th of October 2010. I saw that very little has changed between the RC and the final version when installing. I know this is a little late going and doing a step by step install of Ubuntu, but never seems to get old. So I took some screen shots of the install and the desktop when finished. So let’s get installing!   When you first put the disk in along with booting from the disk you are welcomed at the welcome screen.

Welcome Page

There you can select your language and choose if you want to run it from the disk or install it on the hardrive. (I like how Ubuntu and other Linux software let users run the operating system from the disk that's always a helpful thing when you may have problems with your other OS) The next page if you selected install is in overview of the system requirements. This tells you that everything should go or not go as planned. Install Page 1 Install Page 2 When you click forward you then have an option to use the whole hardrive or set up a partition. For this step-by step guide I just selected the whole disk, it all depends if you have another OS on your computer or if you want to wipe your drive completely.Install Page 3 The next step is allocating the drive. Again this all depends on your current setup (I used the whole disk for this demo) Once you have the drives set up select install now. Ubuntu Install Page 4 Install Page 5  Throughout the install process it will ask you for your current location/time format. It also asks your keyboard layout, for this demo I selected USA. (This all depends on if you have a different keyboard usually USA is the default) The next screen will want your login information this is based on how you want Ubuntu to login and the user to login as. You can select to login automatically and even encrypt your home folder for security. Type a user name (mine is Ryan) and a password. (For this demo notice how my password is weak, I would recommend using a stronger password)  Ubuntu Install Page 6 Also when Ubuntu installs you can click on the arrows to learn more about it while you are waiting for it to install. On the virtual PC it took about 30 minutes to install but remember this depends on hardware.  Install Page 7 Once Ubuntu installs you have to restart the computer a message like this will pop up when the install is finished.  Install Page 8 Once restarted this is the login screen for Ubuntu. (This depends on if you selected requiring Ubuntu to show the login screen.)Ubuntu Login PageThis is the Ubuntu 10.10 desktop after a clean install.

The Update Manger provides updates for Ubuntu. (Notice how many updates I have over 150 of them! Some of them are probably not important...I hope! ) Ubuntu Update This is Ubuntu's Software Center, you will find free and some paid software to download and install! There is a lot of software for just about anything out there.  Ubuntu Software Center This is Ubuntu's folder view or explorer window, nice and neat, organized and pretty simple to understand. Ubuntu (Explorer View) Overall the Ubuntu's 10.10 version is pretty solid. Ubuntu has always had apps ready to go when it starts. Like e-mail and chat programs that work with MSN, Gmail, Yahoo and other e-mail services. Of course Ubuntu has browsers Firefox is included and Google Chrome is also supported along with flash. When using open source operating systems why not use open source office software? By using Open Office you can create professional documents and presentations and it's all included with Ubuntu. Ubuntu One which started in 9.04 is a cloud service that can help you sync your computers all together. You can buy music and have it on all computers and mobile phones that you own. Sharing files between them is also simple. Ubuntu is social friendly operating system it can access your Facebook, Twitter and Identi accounts all from one application on your computer. Ubuntu is pretty fast within 10 seconds I was at the login screen, within 5 seconds I was at my desktop and ready to go! Ubuntu has always been good to older computer platforms, they do however want Ubuntu on newer machines because of the added support of newer hardware. Games are important when you have time to burn and Ubuntu has hundreds of them. With Ubuntu creating photos and editing is easy with included software like Shotwell, Flickr, and GIMP. Support for camera and phones are legendary, all without drivers. These are some of the many features Ubuntu has, and has had for a while. Well that’s my take on the newer version of Ubuntu and looking at the release cycle the next version of Ubuntu 11.04 (Natty Narwhal) which is expected to be released April 28th 2011.