Windows 8 What We Know...So Far

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Just when you were getting used to Windows 7, Windows 8 moves into the spotlight. So what do we know about Windows 8? Well from the announcements from CES 2011 it did provide us with more information in what Microsoft plans to do with the Windows platform. So I found some facts, and rumors about the operating system, and it looks pretty interesting so far. From the CES 2011 announcement the next version of Windows will support system-on-a-chip architectures using ARM processors, which means that you should expect Windows to be on a wide range of devices, like tablets. But I wouldn't be surprised if something more came out of it besides tablets. Also an architectural summit in London last year, Microsoft "hinted" the idea of virtualizing the Windows platform, so apps, data, and Windows settings and maybe parts of the operating system itself will be in the "Cloud." There is also a rumor that the Windows operating system will have a different user interface codenamed "Wind" for the 64bit OS. It's hard to tell what the interface would look like but rumors say that this interface would be for high-end devices, like desktops and notebook computers. It also says that the "Wind" interface would require 170MB of video memory and might be in 3D. The rumor also states that the "Wind" interface will be able to adapt to user habits. My guess is Windows will be aware of it surroundings, so if the operating system was outside it would it be easier to see, and programs and icons might change locations, I really don't know it's a total guess. :) Some other rumors are that the operating system will be able to follow users wherever they go. So an example would be users would be able to roam between desktops, laptops, and tablets. The programs and files would sync between those devices and the information would be stored on the cloud. There is also a "reset button" rumor that locks in applications and settings while being able to clear viruses and other harmful programs. Some people suggest that storing applications and data in the cloud could make this a possible feature. Another rumor by Paul Thurrott suggests that Windows 8 will introduce a tile based interface called "Mosh" for those tablets and other low powered touchscreens. This would also be interesting feature as although Windows 7 is touch screen supported, it isn't necessarily touchscreen friendly. When will Windows 8 be released? Multiple rumors suggest that Microsoft is setting a goal for 2012, or early 2013. I'm sure more rumors and facts will become available once we get closer to the release date and I'll be sure to post additional information, if you find any rumors or added information comment below.