Intel Thunderbolt

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Intel announced on Friday (February 25th 2011) the new high speed connector that will coexists with USB 3.0. Apple also announced that it will be appearing first on the MacBook Pros. Thunderbolt known before has Light Peak is a new high-speed PC connection technology. This cable can combine data and high-definition all in one cable running at 10Gbps. So you could say it is like the all in wonder HDMI cable that combines video and audio into one cable. How fast is 10Gbps? Well if you had a full length HD movie so on average 120 minutes it would be able to transfer that movie in less than 30 seconds!! Although the codename was called Light Peak Intel Is running the new technology as an electrical current based on copper. Intel has said that it will work and move the technology over to optical but not schedule has been released yet. This Thunderbolt technology will not replace USB 3.0 according to Jason Ziller, an Intel manager, "They will co-exist on the same terms of storage (devices) we'll see both products on the market". You can read more information at Intel's website in the press room about the Thunderbolt Technology. (Thunderbolt Technology: The Fastest Data Connection to Your PC Just Arrived) This technology is pretty cool, but the question is will it take off. Consumers have to buy it in order for it to be a success. Also Apple kind of took the product, although Apple did have some say in the Thunderbolt Technology it feels like at least for now that only Apple will have this. I am throwing a guess that other manufactures are waiting to see if this is a hit or a flop. What do think? Comment below!