Install BackTrack

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This is a full install of BackTrack 4 this can be in a virtual machine, dual-boot, or the main OS. So you burned the image that you downloaded from  and are ready to go! If not I would recommend you do that first. BackTrack is a Linux penetration testing for network security. This is a free tool that IT administrators can use to audit their network.   First put the disk into the tray and restart your computer. This depends on your BIOS setup but you can either set the boot order or go into a boot menu and select the CD tray as the boot device.  This is the first thing you will see when you boot into BackTrack you can play around with the different options later but select the screen resolution that is close to your screen size.     Once you select the option you want you will see a loading page, this can take some time so be patient!     Once backtrack is done loading then you can start from there and have fun with command-line but if your CLI skills are a little rusty then you can go into the GUI by typing startx and hit enter. From here you can run BackTrack now (it’s called a Live CD) this could be useful if you just want to look at it and play around with settings that you have no idea what they are or do. That why if you mess something up you can always restart and go back into it without it saving anything! But let’s install this thing! Click on the icon.    This next window is the installer, it is pretty simple to understand, you want to select your location that is in the same time-zone as you.    This next window is the keyboard layout, Usually USA works for me.   This next page is the partition manager thing, from here you can dual-boot if you have another OS. (You want to be careful if you do have another OS on the hardrive because you can wipe your other OS from here) For this example I am taking the whole drive.    The next page gives you a review before you start installing BackTrack this is also a good time to make sure everything is set up properly before you install BackTrack   After you click install the installer will start installing!! (amazing! right!) Here you can watch the bar go across the screen or do something productive in this timeframe it takes about 20 to 30 minutes but this also depends on the hardware you have.    After it finishes it gives you two options, stay on the live CD or reboot to start BackTrack. (Hint: reboot)   Once the machine is rebooting it will take some time so be patient as it is loading. Once it is ready it will ask you for your username and password. The username is root and the password is toor . Once you type that you're in CLI again, if you want to go to the GUI just type startx     Once you type startx it will load the GUI and you now have a full install of BackTrack! From here you can go to for more information on how to audit your network. I hope this tutorial was helpful