A Safer Web Experience

Some information I was just handed that was published a while ago is that OpenDNS published its 2010 report of web content. So on this friday instead of talking Cisco let’s go back to 2010 and talk about this report, the Filtering and Phishing report. There is some interesting information in this report and for those who don’t know what OpenDNS is currently OpenDNS is the largest global DNS service for consumers, schools, and businesses. OpenDNS can be free DNS service that allows people to control the web content without the need for parental control software.

The main goal of OpenDNS is to secure networks from online threats like web content filtering and malware, botnet and phishing protection by a DNS service instead of software service.

The top ten blocked categories for 2010 are as follows:

  • Pornography — 85%1.
  • Sexuality — 80.1%2.
  • Tasteless — 77.3%3.
  • Proxy/Anonymizer — 76.2%4.
  • Adware — 69%5.
  • Nudity — 67.2%6.
  • Hate/Discrimination — 58.7%7.
  • Lingerie/Bikini — 58.5%8.
  • Gambling — 58%9.
  • Drugs — 57.3%

This is not that surprising has most of these categories provide an unsafe internet experience.

The report continues about the top ten blacklisted sites, Facebook being number one, but what I also found interesting was the top ten whitelisted sites, with Youtube for number one and Facebook making it number two.

For business using OpenDNS Facebook is number one for being blocked. It makes sense, the company has goals and their in for making money not losing money and productivity, Facebook kind of gets in the way of that. OpenDNS also detects Phishing websites and of out of the ten top sites Paypal was the most spoofed website with 45.9 percent and Facebook being number two at 5.3 percent.

Another interesting fact is that the United States is number one in the amount of sites being hosted with phishing sites with 53.8 percent!

I thought the report was good and interesting at the same time, and I’m glad OpenDNS published it I guess they publish one every year but if you would like a copy just follow this link OpenDNS 2010 Report Web Content Filtering and Phishing