ICND2 - Passed!

So I just passed my ICND2 exam, I'm now CCNA certified!

This was a long road to travel over a year ago I passed ICND1 which I recived the CCENT certification but with just general life getting in the way I also saw my chance of getting CCNA status stepping further in the distance. If you read how I passed ICND1 will find that the way I studied for this exam was totally different from studying for the ICND1. When I finished the ICND2 exam I saw my score and I was proud that I passed but I knew I could have done better but I don't think I would've. Why?

I've had this exam on my chest for over a year and it drag the matierial became boring and started to dry out because of the consent stop and go style of studying. (Don't do THIS!) This type of studying was going on for months until I decided to go with it because I was tired of relearning it. I studied for the upcomming exam about three weeks ago and on average was about eight hours a week. The book I used was CCNA ICND2 640-816 Official Cert Guide by Wendell Odom.

So how did I study for the exam - Well I studied alone for this one, unlike my ICND1 exam. (That was 50 percent of the battle) The other half of it was I had this exam on my chest for a long time. I would also read the material over and over. Yet I would not take the test because of other issues that would come up. I finally said that I am going to schedule this test and take it no matter if I am ready or not, or I would just keep delaying it. In the ICND1 post I made last year make sure you know the material, you can't guess at this stuff! You have to know it inside and out. If it is multiple choice I always look at the answers first before reading the question. I looked over the book the night before the exam date and really was asking myself questions that I could see on the exam, like the default AD distance of OSPF is?, Use VLSM to break this network down so it doesn't waste addresses, etc.

How long did it take? - I originally started studying for the exam in April of 2011 so it took over a year for me to take this test. Don't let that scare you, I could have probably taken it in 4 months or so but could not find the time, and life in general. However I passed, which shows that if you keep going for it you will get where you want to go.

Test Date - So when I scheduled the test I also scheduled it on my birthday, not sure why I did maybe I felt lucky :). I felt pretty good when I started the exam but that soon changed for the worse. Let's just say I took the "I'll study what I think I need" approach. Which worked for me but if you are new to this field I would study everything. Although I passed I was nervous because I spent too much time thinking over the questions and simulations and at the end I had 2 minutes to spare when I finished the exam!

To close for comfort! Make a discussion and move on don't over think it. Looking back at my post How I passed the ICND1 exam I can still say that you need to fully understand how to set up routers and switches and just a general concept of the idea. I really think one of the main reasons I passed was that I fully understood the concepts which for the most part is in the ICND1 exam. Taking the two-part exam help me because it focused on key areas of what to study. I think my next certification I'm looking at is CCNA Security but I'm not sure yet and I'm taking a break first. :) Like always I hope this information is helpful and If you are going for your CCNA I wish you the best because I love the that feeling when you pass, because you know it was totally worth it!!

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Ryan -

Thanks Kane, No I don't have an e-mail address for this site yet, but you can to continue to comment. What's your question? Ryan

Ryan -

Hey Darwin, To be honest the Cisco Academy is what really got me hooked into this stuff. If you can afford it I would go for it. They provided the equipment, practice exams and labs along with access to Packet Tracer which is an awesome simulation tool that beats getting real equipment in the CCNA level. What is also nice is once you leave the Academy you still have access to it. The difference with me is I waited too long after I finished the Academy to feel comfortable taking the test although I still knew this stuff I needed a review and it helped that I took the Academy. Don’t take too long after you finish the Academy to take the test... I wish you luck :) Ryan

Darwin Rodriguez (@dar0d) -

I am in the Cisco Academy right now, CCNA semester 2. Since it took you a year to get ready for the CCNA and passed it studying on your own, do you think it is worth to go to the Cisco Academy? I am thinking in studying it on my own and save some bucks.

Kane -

Congrats dude. Is there anyway to email / contact you? Thank you.

namelessone -

does the icnd 2 exam recertify your icnd 1? i did my icnd 1 over 2 years ago and am now getting around to icnd 2 - will it recertify my icnd 2

Ryan -

Hey Namelessone, Yes it will. If you already have your ICND1 and you pass your ICND2 it will renew your ICND1 and also give you CCNA status. :) Going to Cisco's website also helps for more information: IT Certification and Career Paths Goodluck, Ryan