CCNP Security Refresh

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Cisco recently published its 2014 Annual Security Report, and some interesting data was captured in 2013. One of the details was a talent gap in network security and because of this gap Cisco has a major revision in the CCNP Security certification starting in April. Its estimated that in short term or already present is shortage of more than a million security professionals worldwide! Like mentioned because of this Cisco is reworking the CCNP Security track. Let's get into the details of the changes coming in April 22nd 2014. One thing I noticed is the exam names themselves such as the old exams are specifying Cisco's own technologies to solve these security issues.

  • 642-637 (SECURE) Securing Networks with Cisco Routers and Switches.
  • 642-618 (FIREWALL) Deploying Cisco ASA Firewall Solutions.
  • 642-648 (VPN) Deploying Cisco ASA VPN Solutions.
  • 642-627 (IPS) Implementing Cisco Intrusion Prevention System.

The refreshed exam looks at the overall picture of security instead of throwing in a specific box to solve your problem along with knowing how to administrate the device. The new exam names are:

  • 300-208 (SISAS) Implementing Cisco Secure Access Solutions
  • 300-206 (SENSS) Implementing Cisco Edge Network Security Solutions .
  • 300-209 (SIMOS) Implementing Cisco Secure Mobility Solutions.
  • 300-207 (SITCS) Implementing Cisco Threat Control Solutions.

This alignment goes together with the new material of the Associate level exam (CCNA 2.0 Is what I'm calling it :) ) What is also interesting is Cisco is retiring alot of the Security Specialist exams on April 22nd 2014, below is a list of exams and their last day to test.

  • Cisco ASA Specialist  - April 21st 2014
  • Cisco Firewall Security Specialist - April 21st 2014
  • Cisco IOS Security Specialist - April 21st 2014
  • Cisco IPS Security Specialist - April 21st 2014
  • Cisco Network Admission Control Specialist - April 21st 2014
  • Cisco VPN Security Specialist - Aprial 21st 2014

In return Cisco is offering training for these specific products, I was unable to tell if completing these training courses tied to any new certifications. My guess is since Cisco is retiring these types of specialist certifications, these are just training materials to help you better understand Cisco's product line along with administrating the product. All of this is still pretty new information, the Cisco Learning Network will be having CCNP Tech Seminars stating February 4th and going through April 1st. All of this free to access by registering which would be incredibility helpful. CCNP Security Tech Seminars Like always I hope the above information is helpful. If you have any questions or if you currently studying for the CCNP Security comment below on what you think about these changes.