640-911 (Chapter 12 & 13)

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We are at the last chapters of the CCNA Data Center 640-911 by Todd Lammle. Chapter 12 talks about redundant switched technologies and chapter 13 talks about security. Just like before I will go over the high-points, so let’s get started!

Chapter 12 Overview: In this chapter we get to learn about Spanning Tree Protocol and some history with it. With networks we like multiple ways to a destination however in the layer two area redundancy does not play well and that’s where spanning tree can help us. So know what spanning tree and its purpose. Spanning tree has several terms that are important to remember for the exam, I would look over page 387. For the exam know some show commands for spanning tree, like show spanning-tree, and show spanning-tree summary. This chapter also talked about the different types of spanning-tree but could not tell if this would be on 640-911 exam as well as port-channels which helps eliminate blocked STP ports. :)

Chapter 13 Overview: In the last chapter of 640-911 book we get introduced to access-control-lists and the types of access-lists that the NX-OS supports, know the difference as well as configuring a standard access list and extended access list also be sure to understand the implicit deny statement at end of every access-list. I would also know how wildcard masking works, (flip the subnet mask). A couple more things I thought would be important to keep an eye out is understand that once an access-list is created that does not mean its active, make you sure to understand how to apply the ACL on an interface. Finally know your show commands for access-lists, like show access-list and show access-list summary.

Overall thoughts: So thanks for checking out these posts about the 640-911 exam, I hope this give you an idea of what to expect on the exam and good luck, if you decide to take it. Personally I am shooting for May/June timeframe to pass at least the 640-911. I thought this book was helpful but if you went and passed the CCNA or even CCNP it does get a little dry in areas. This exam is introductory but required if you wanted to achieve the CCNA Data Center certification. Remember you need to pass two exams 640-911 and the 640-916 to become CCNA Data Center certified. Check out all the 640-911 exam topics: 640-911 Exam Topics

A little off topic but interesting to note is as of this writing Todd Lammle is the only author that has published a study guide for the CCNA Data Center, a quick check on Amazon shows that Cisco Press is ready to roll out an official certification guide for the 640-911 in the end of August authored by a Wendell Odom, followed by the 640-916 in January of 2015. I’ll end it here, I hope this information is helpful and comment below if you have any questions on these chapters.