Color Code Your Routers

It’s kind of hard to believe this was eight years ago! Time has changed some things over the years and I had a user Aaron or Frank? 😉 contact me about this post. In the post I posted a question, “trying to figure out a way to change the color of just the banner only” well eight years later I got an answer, so first of all thanks for reaching out and I’m glad you found this resource helpful and I’ll just reference the response here:

“The sequence you need is [0m – this resets any colour and formatting codes back to the terminal defaults. I also found that you need to set the international flag on your lines before this would appear correctly.”

So something like this:

R1(config)# line vty 0 15
R1(config-line)# international
R1(config-line)# end

Cisco Skills

I came across an interesting idea, what if you could color code your devices in command line? So such as if you were operating routers at a core level you could color code the CLI to the color red, and the branch routers green and etc. I wasn’t sure if this would possible but doing some searching through the internet I found a guy Ivan Pepelnjak who wrote how to do this  a couple years ago and wrote a couple books as well, check out his blog/website at there is tons of helpful information along with his original guide here. 

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