Passed 300-115

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Just a short post about my recent Cisco exam, I was able to pass the 300-115 to renew all my lower CCNA certifications. The last time I took a Cisco exam was almost 3 years ago when I passed the CCNA Data Center certification. Overall the exam was fair although you will need multiple study resources to make sure you cover all the exam objectives. The primary reason for doing this exam first instead of ROUTE or TSHOOT was I felt it was maybe the hardest one? Won't really know until I take the other two. The resources I used:

I "officially" started about three months ago, but was really off and on throughout 2018.  During the last three months I did about an hour a day (Monday-Friday), the weekends I would shoot for 4 to 5 hours off and on during the day.

What's Next

Not really in rush, so I'm probably going to wait until next winter, maybe ;)... I know it seems weird to drag this out and not just pass all of the exams but there are some personal/life goals this year I would like to at least start, in the meantime I hope this information is helpful and good luck!

Static Comments:

Loopy -

I don't know that this could possibly be harder than ROUTE, but I may have a Bias being it took me 3 tries to piss that exam by a single question :) Huge congratulations on your pass, and good luck on your future ones, I really hope you do take the opportunity to study and pass ROUTE and TSHOOT for the certification! I am currently studying for exactly this exam, and I agree I use almost more off the beaten path resources than training materials to really understand things, to compare them all together and see which explanation makes the most sense. Again congrats and good luck on your next exams bud :)

Ryan -

Hey Loopy, Thanks and congrats on passing the ROUTE exam. I'll probably start studying the ROUTE exam in the winter months and take the exam in the springtime. Still something I want to finish up but want to have that balance of life/work/study. (if that's possible) ;) Ryan

Loopy -

I'm attacking SWITCH and TSHOOT like a rabid dog, I have other things I need to study for work, but after grinding to pass ROUTE there is no way I can not finish this certification!