photo of house near treesEvery year I think about goals, either how to conquer them, reflect on them, and recently change them. We all have been there, we have a plan in our head that we follow for a handful of years or even decades… something happens… all of sudden things change.

It’s this change that I believe is so important to life, we can’t and shouldn’t be static, we have to change in order to grow ourselves. Life events happen to us all the time, the big ones that have happen to me are things like, collage graduation, this website!, my first career job as Network Engineer, unexpected loss of a family member, a new job, moving, my first home, promotions, all of which happened in the last decade. 2019 was such special year for me and I’ll remember it for the rest my life, so much has happen to me personally…

I really hope everyone allows themselves to be able to experience these life events, ups and downs personal or professional let these change you, that’s really the whole point of life…which in turn allows you to find who you are truly, and that should be everyone’s goal.

I started this blog to get better at writing, teaching people about networking and my overall experiences in this field. I really didn’t care if someone stumbled on it in the beginning, however over time that changed, I love this! I’m not saying goodbye, but what happens next is anyone’s guess, and that’s how I think life works the best!

– Ryan 🙂

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