The World Keeps Turning

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Well..couple of things have changed these past months that have had a lasting impact on everyone on this earth. A single reminder that we all share a common home on this place, even though we sometimes think were world's apart from each other.

During this time I've been working from home, and busier then ever making sure the lights stay on. I like to think of myself as a lighthouse keeper or some type of engineer maintaining a spacecraft floating in space sending "pings" waiting for reply... We'll get a response and when we do, we'll be ready for the next adventure, we always are!

Things are changing around us, and every change is different depending where you are and who you are. One thing is for sure life events happen to us all the time but I think its important that we step back for a second and self-reflect on them, because that’s when things happen.

Ups and downs personal and professional let these events change you throughout your life

Think about them, self-reflect on them, it’s these milestones that I believe are so important and ultimately the purpose of life. Let's take what we've learned, continue to learn, pull ourselves and others up because this is the place we call home.

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