It's Always Changing

Something that I've been pondering while working from home and I think everybody is doing this... re-evaluating their priorities. I like to call it the loop, we get so caught into repetition...its our comfort when things are predictable but when something comes along and changes our lives, good or bad we have to adapt to those changes and potentially change our life direction.

Earlier in January and last year I recognized my personal life had been the status quo for way too long. I talked about Goals. I started to think about where do I see my personal life in five, ten, twenty years from now? What about my professional life?

At a younger age while I still in high school I knew what my professional life was going to look like. I always loved technology and so I made goal, even though I may not known exactly how I would get there but I jumped feet first into it. Taking college courses in high school in the field that I'm in today. It's one thing the education system always reminded me, "think about your future, your career". All important for a teenager to think about but it consumed me...throughout the remaining years in high school and in college its what I was focused professional life, all the while leaving my personal life behind.

Not to say that someone shouldn't be focused on their career and education but I had questions about my personal life that I really didn't want to figure out while I was in high school or college. I kind of thought while I was focused on my professional life, my personal life would just fall into place. Nine years later I was doing well professionally, one of the reasons I started this blog was to be focused professionally. However my personal life was a nonexistent.

It seemed like my life was hitting a ceiling and I would only break though if I figured out my personal paradigm. I had choice really, either stay with how things stand and have everything be predictable, or answer those internal questions about myself and be comfortable with the fact that I may not know where this personal life journey may take me.

I've realized that although I teat my professional and personal life as two different paradigms, those paradigms are revolving around me. What actions in either of them affects me as a person as well as the paradigms themselves. When I look my at professional life I don't think I've hit that ceiling yet, but acknowledgement that someday I will have to answer those questions again... like I did high school and be comfortable with the possibility of not knowing exactly were my professional life journey takes me.

"We become what we think about"

- Earl Nightingale

Life is always changing and so making adjustments to our paradigms multiple times to re-evaluate our life circumstances is what everyone should be doing throughout their life. Hopefully helping us ask those questions where do I see myself five, ten, twenty years from now? What's important to me, the people I care about, the people I love? Most of the time you can't answer these right away, in time having these questions around you make you aware of who you really want to be.