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:left::roundWelcome, I like to think that knowledge is power but in my opinion it all depends on your team, whether that is your family, friends, coworkers or all the above they push your forward into learning new products, services and ideas. They are also the people who you learn from, everybody has a diverse way of doing things and why not learn that “different” way. That's the hope I have in this blog I have put my personal Cisco tutorials and general information for a reference for me but I'll share it to anyone that wants to learn it.

This more than just a running-configuration library, I'll post some of my personal opinions on the current and future trends of networking and general technology on this blog. To me networking is becoming a common need throughout the world, and on this blog I’ll focus on things that I like to deal with which is mostly Cisco technologies but expect anything from Cisco tutorials and learning experiences as well as some random thoughts and ideas, let's keep it fun! One of the main reasons of starting this blog was to get better at my writing skills and being able to teach someone with words, I'll do my best in trying to get excellent writing content as well as being correct.

Not sure where to start? Read about how I passed the ICND1, the ICND2 and or the IINS exams they're all interesting. :) I have 5+ years working in this industry and have always loved technology and especially looking at how we communicate by using data and voice communications, just look at recent events that involve Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other social media outlets, none of those stories would be available without a network infrastructure!

Currently I have a CCNA Data Center Certification and I'm planning on getting more certs in the future, I studied at Idaho State and while I was there I put together an SMF forum for the Information Technology Systems program. At first this was just a project in one of the courses, but I was “hooked” of how it all worked together like how PHP, MySQL and ImageMagick all separate things but in the end work together to make something awesome.

I find the same concept with team members because everybody has something different to bring to the table, and if you come together why wouldn’t you bring out something awesome!