Creating a SPAN Port on a 2960

Creating a mirroring port also called a SPAN port (Switched Port Analyzer) might be required for some network appliances to analyze network traffic. Since we have switches which run in separate collision domains per port we have to do some configuration on the switch first before we can analyze traffic. (Think back to Collision domains […]

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Connecting FEX (5k to 2k)

I was pretty excited to get my hands on some of the Cisco Nexus product line which focuses on switching in the data center. The gear I have is an evaluation unit so I made some notes and one thing I was impressed is how easy it is to connect a Nexus 5K to a […]

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Configuring EtherChannel (PAgb)

Bundling physical links into one logical link is a common practice to up the bandwidth between switches, you may have this also configured on a server to bundle connections as well. In this tutorial I have two 2960 switches both of them trunking all VLANs on two gigabit ports. So in the end game is […]

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