640-911 (Chapter 5)

Last week we covered chapter four which talked about the TCP/IP and the DoD models and what role they cover in networking as we learned that every application like FTP, DNS, DHCP depend on it. Like always post questions if you have any about the book CCNA Data Center Study Guide from Todd Lammle. I’ll continue to cover  topics of each chapter of the book, plus any examples the book offers and to get an idea of what the Cisco exam would cover. Let’s go over chapter five. Continue reading “640-911 (Chapter 5)”


Cisco Discovery Protocol

In today’s post let’s talk about CDP the Cisco Discovery Protocol. This protocol helps us in two ways, it first helps us verify that a connection between router or switch is set up correctly  at least up to layer two in the OSI model. This also helps us discover Cisco devices that are in are network and which interfaces these devices are connected too and from are Cisco equipment. The Cisco discovery protocol is Cisco proprietary  and before I go any further let me mention that CDP is a security risk because of the detailed information CDP gives out which helps you has a network administrator build a current network infrastructure, this can also hurt you because this information can easily be sniffed by programs that are easily searched on the internet. Continue reading “Cisco Discovery Protocol”