On this Monday let’s wrap up the 802.11 wireless standards, Friday I talked about the 802.11g (See the post 802.11g) and before that I talked about the 802.11b (See the post 802.11b ) I also talked about 802.11a, (See the post 802.11a) I even talked about the 802.11 –Legacy (See the post 802.11 –Legacy) and in the beginning of last week I talked about the basic wireless concepts. (See the post Basic Wireless Concepts) So let’s end the discussion and talk about the 802.11n standard! Continue reading “802.11n”

802.11 – Legacy

Yesterday we talked about the wireless concepts (See the post Basic Wireless Concepts) in that post I mentioned the wireless standards but did not go further into detail. This post one of the five standards that make up the 802.11. Continue reading “802.11 – Legacy”