Archive your Configuration

Hard-DriveIt is important to save your router and switch configuration but what happens if the device fails or if you saved a configuration mistake, without having to manually worry about it? Well if your Cisco router or switch has Cisco IOS 12.3T and higher you would be able to set up an auto archive within the flash memory of the unit or you can send that configuration file to a server that does either FTP, HTTP, SCP. TFTP, etc. Let’s work through on setting up the archive feature on a Cisco Router. Continue reading “Archive your Configuration”

CCNA Security – 640-554

Out with the old and in with new Cisco is updating its well-known certification CCNA Security. Candidates that are studying for the older exam (640-553) are suggested to take it on or before September 30th 2012. What has changed in the exam? For the most part Cisco SDM is no longer covered, as it has reached its “End of Life” and in fact Cisco Engineering stopped covering the product from developing and testing on February 26th 2012. You can still renew the product for support (Cisco SmartNet) until March 24th of 2013 and the last date the product will get support will be February 28th of 2014 after that it will become an old friend :). Let’s compare these two CCNA Security Exams and see what has changed, removed and added. (640-553 & 640-554)
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Configure Router on a Stick

A while ago I talked about putting different VLANs on a switch, remember a VLAN is virtual network that although physically it may look like on the same network that does not always mean the case. By having VLANs you are segmenting the network and the only way to get to the other side is having a router. I have already configured the Cisco switch as posted in Creating VLANs but in summary I have three VLANs total VLAN 1 which is the native VLAN, VLAN 2 and VLAN 3 (which is called support. If you like to understand how create VLANs on a switch follow the post above. Continue reading “Configure Router on a Stick”