Install Rancid and ViewVC on Centos 7

In this post I want to walk though the steps to install Rancid on CentOS 7 minimal. Rancid is a great tool to help monitor a device configuration for any changes. It also keeps track of them by using CVS (Concurrent Version System) for backups, so you can go back and compare versions or revert to a previous configuration. Rancid supports multiple hardware from Cisco, HP, Dell, Juniper and more. This is all open-source so you can create custom scripts or add commands to really make this a personal repository that fits your company.  During this install guide several things are required when we install Rancid, I have tired to make this as simple as possible but its not just a type and watch it install. You have to customize some of the scripts to make Rancid work like it should. Read it though and follow along.

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