The Codes of ICMP

In today’s post I wanted to talk about the widely used Ping command. Which is one of the best methods (I think) to begin network troubleshooting. When part of the network goes down it is sometimes hard to figure out why? When you issue the ping command or the extended ping command in a Cisco router several ICMP codes can come up on the router. Let’s discuss them! Continue reading “The Codes of ICMP”

Common Network Attacks

Network attacks have always been around but they are getting more advanced every day. These attacks are also easy to set up and use. In the past these types of attacks would have to be pulled off by someone who really knew about computers and to know what they are doing. That’s a true hacker, now there are programs that do the same damage and sometimes more with a couple clicks of a mouse, so now anybody can bring down a network. Continue reading “Common Network Attacks”

Cisco IDS vs. IPS

There are tons of network attacks out there. Using a firewall helps but does look for signature based attacks. Access Control Lists are like firewalls and only look at the protocols like HTTP, FTP POP, etc. Cisco has developed some tools that will help network administrators combat the issue; IDS, (Intrusion Detection System) and IPS. (Intrusion Prevention System) Continue reading “Cisco IDS vs. IPS” Hit by a DoS Attack

Yesterday, (March 3rd 2011) there was a massive DoS attack that hit Cisco Skill’s uses has a hosting provider but is not believed to one of the sites hit. There still is no word on who or why they targeted but goes to show that Denial of Service is still a popular type of attack and although simple to set up they can still bring down enterprise networks. Continue reading “ Hit by a DoS Attack”