Configure DHCP on a Cisco Router

In this short tutorial let’s configure a DHCP server on a Cisco Router. Why would we want to do that? Well configuring a basic DHCP server on a router is a good idea if this is a branch/satellite office or just a small business. There are some pros and cons of configuring DHCP on a Cisco Router so let’s briefly discuss them and then start configuring. Continue reading

A Safer Web Experience

Some information I was just handed that was published a while ago is that OpenDNS published its 2010 report of web content. So on this friday instead of talking Cisco let’s go back to 2010 and talk about this report, the Filtering and Phishing report. There is some interesting information in this report and for those who don’t know what OpenDNS is currently OpenDNS is the largest global DNS service for consumers, schools, and businesses. OpenDNS can be free DNS service that allows people to control the web content without the need for parental control software. Continue reading