Inter-VLAN Routing on the Nexus 5k.

Nexus-PLineI previously had the chance to play around with the 5596UP switch, and made some notes on how to configure inter-vlan routing. Since this was a 5596UP switch I needed a layer 3 card to take advantage of it. The next-generation units the 5600 include layer 3 without a card required along with introducing 40GB uplinks! However in this post let’s go back to the basics and configure inter-vlan routing on a nexus switch and in this case I am using a 5596UP.  Continue reading “Inter-VLAN Routing on the Nexus 5k.”

Connecting FEX (5k to 2k)

Nexus-PLineI was pretty excited to get my hands on some of the Cisco Nexus product line which focuses on switching in the data center. The gear I have is an evaluation unit so I made some notes and one thing I was impressed is how easy it is to connect a Nexus 5K to a Nexus 2k also known as a fabric extender. I have kept it simple as the gear I have is a single Nexus 5596 along with a single Nexus 224TP-E who needs redundancy right? So in this post I’ll explain how to connect a 5k Nexus to a 2k extender. Let’s get started! Continue reading “Connecting FEX (5k to 2k)”