Why IPv6?

Although this protocol has been around since 1996 it has been anticipated that IPv4 would one day be exhausted. In February 2011 the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA) assigned the last /8 address blocks to the Regional Internet Registries so time is getting close but you have heard this warning before right? Let’s go over IPv6 at least just an overview some the features and changes compared to IPv4 because one day it will happen it’s just a matter of when. šŸ™‚ Continue reading “Why IPv6?”

World IPv6 Day!!

Are we ready for IPv6?So what is IPv6 day? Today major companies like Google, Facebook, Yahoo and ISPs (Internet Service Providers) test their IPv6 deployments. Why is this important? Well if you follow IPv4 news you might already know that IPv4 addressesĀ have been exhausted and the need to move to different address spaceĀ is critical, if new web services are to be deployed. The question is can we run both? Continue reading “World IPv6 Day!!”

IPv4 Meet IPv6

IPv4 maybe on its last leg with only a few blocks of IPv4 addresses available, computer estimates say that the IANA address depletion was January 27, 2011. Also the calculations for all central IPv4 pool addresses will be depleted by July 25, 2012. These are estimates and may change as of writing this post. I’ll be sure to update if needed, but the thing to understand is that IPv4 won’t beĀ availableĀ within weeks if not months. Continue reading “IPv4 Meet IPv6”