Ten Years

A new year, a new plan and a new direction, its been ten years since I started this thing and I have to be honest I loved everything about it. 2020 was crazy… I think were getting close in seeing an ending, but everyone’s life has been affected by this. My work/home life has changed. […]

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It’s Always Changing

Something that I’ve been pondering while working from home and I think everybody is doing this… re-evaluating their priorities. I like to call it the loop, we get so caught into repetition…its our comfort when things are predictable but when something comes along and changes our lives, good or bad we have to adapt to […]

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The World Keeps Turning

Well..couple of things have changed these past months that have had a lasting impact on everyone on this earth. A single reminder that we all share a common home on this place, even though we sometimes think were world’s apart from each other. During this time I’ve been working from home, and busier then ever […]

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