Configure DHCP on a Cisco Router

In this short tutorial let’s configure a DHCP server on a Cisco Router. Why would we want to do that? Well configuring a basic DHCP server on a router is a good idea if this is a branch/satellite office or just a small business. There are some pros and cons of configuring DHCP on a Cisco Router so let’s briefly discuss them and then start configuring. Continue reading “Configure DHCP on a Cisco Router”

Cracking WEP

BackTrack is Linux  network security audit tool for security professionals. This tool is used for testing and penetrating networks. That being said This tutorial is for educational use only. This is meant only to teach that WEP is an insecure option, and is recommend to use a harder encryption. Using this tutorial on a network that you do not have permission to access or is not yours, could be illegal!  Continue reading “Cracking WEP”

Install BackTrack

This is a full install of BackTrack 4 this can be in a virtual machine, dual-boot, or the main OS. So you burned the image that you downloaded from  and are ready to go! If not I would recommend you do that first. BackTrack is a Linux penetration testing for network security. This is a free tool that IT administrators can use to audit their network.

Continue reading “Install BackTrack”

Understanding CBAC

Although using hardware firewalls are an excellent step forward when securing your network. They can cost money and are not cheap to set up and configure. Using CBAC is built-into the Cisco IOS router and helps filter those unwanted protocols that are in your network. When setting up routers as firewalls you have some choices like using CBAC the “Classic” firewall, or zone based policy (ZBF). Today we will talk about CBAC and how to understand the core components of what make CBAC possible. Continue reading “Understanding CBAC”

Ubuntu 10.10 Install

Well a while back I went ahead and downloaded the RC version of Ubuntu 10.10 and played around with it. Yes that’s right the RC version. Now there is a final version of 10.10 which was released on the 10th of October 2010. I saw that very little has changed between the RC and the final version when installing. I know this is a little late going and doing a step by step install of Ubuntu, but never seems to get old. So I took some screen shots of the install and the desktop when finished. So let’s get installing!   Continue reading “Ubuntu 10.10 Install”