Creating VLANs

Today this tutorial is going to be talking about creating VLANs (Virtual Local Area Networks) with a Cisco Catalyst switch. By creating a VLAN you are separating the network, why would you do this? There are some several reasons, like separating your production network from a guest network, and separating a test environment from a production network. This all adds security to your network. You can separate core critical network components from the rest of the production network for added security, easier troubleshooting along with separating or segmenting your network. This is breaking up the broadcast domains into smaller chucks, which will improve your network performance. Let’s get started! Continue reading “Creating VLANs”

Collision Domains vs. Broadcast Domains

These different types of domains mean different things and when designing a LAN both of these domains can harm the performance of your network. If you are not aware of the difference between these two, this tutorial should help you out. Continue reading “Collision Domains vs. Broadcast Domains”