TFTP & FTP Server on Centos 7

centos_logoIf you ever needed a TFTP or an anonymous FTP server to transfer files, logs, or crash debugs to and from your network devices it can be a little tricky if you don’t have anything setup. There are some free quick programs out there if you are in a pinch for one-time transfers but if you ever wanted to have something in infrastructure that is ready to go for this kind of stuff just follow this tutorial below. I’m using the latest version of Centos 7 minimal, we need to add some house keeping items first so let’s get started! Continue reading “TFTP & FTP Server on Centos 7”

Passed the 640-916 DCICT

It’s been a little more than year in the making since I passed my last Cisco exam the 640-911 but I finally did it and passed the 640-916. I can now call myself CCNA Data Center Certified. 🙂 If you ever get the chance to take go up Data Center route it really is interesting of all the products and services Cisco has in their portfolio. Cisco UCS, OTV, Fabicpath and FCoE are just really cool technologies to learn about. The main studying tool I used was the Cisco Official Certification Guide and I poked around the Cisco Learning Network on the Data Center study group.

So what’s next for me? Well I think its time to take another step forward and climb up to the professional level of Cisco Certifications. I don’t know when I want to start that but it’ll probably be sooner rather than later.

It’s been a little more than five years of when I passed my first Cisco certification. After finishing the Cisco Network Academy I was able to tackle the ICND1 and looking back at the ICND1 its changed curriculum twice since I took it, which is a common theme in this industry. 😉



Cisco UCS Emulator 3.1(1ePE1)

If you are studying any Cisco Data Center certs this tool might come in handy for some hands on learning. The Cisco UCS emulator is a VM you can spin up in VMware Workstation,Fusion or in ESXi. This emulator can be helpful in understanding the UCS platform and UCS manager. You are able to push policies and alter configurations and even import/export these configurations into and out of the “real” world to apply them/test them. You can download this emulator from Cisco’s Community site: Cisco UCS Platform Emulator 3.1(1ePE1) Downloads All you need is a Cisco ID to sign in which is free to register and download.

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New Problems, New Job, and a New Look

I still consider myself a rookie in this field even though I started my “official” career in the Network/IT space 5 years ago. Why is that? Is part of the reason because of the rapid push that applications are demanding from the infrastructure? For example if we want XYZ app to be ready for testing today and production in a week how would you be able to stand that up manually? You can’t, it really could take weeks to be ready for just testing and that doesn’t fly anymore. Continue reading “New Problems, New Job, and a New Look”

RBAC Radius with Microsoft NPS 2012 R2

safe-access-controlIn this configuration I’m at looking at using Microsoft NPS 2012 R2 as radius server and I’m going to skip the installation of NPS because it really is just a next, next, finish installation. In this demo I already have this NPS system connected to a Windows domain, my goal is to create role based access on Cisco IOS routers while using radius to login. I’ll have a couple for active directory accounts each them will represent different types of allowed access to these IOS routers. One account will get full administrative access while the other will only get read access, how cool cat is that 😉 !

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