Configuring SSH

Today this tutorial is going be talking about how to configure SSH on a Cisco router or switch. SSH or Secure Shell encrypts the data that is sent from the terminal application to the device. Making if far more safer when it is compared to telnet which sends the data in plain text.

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Understanding Zone Based Firewalls

Earlier we talked about using CBAC (See the post Understanding CBAC) the “classic firewall” and we mention some information about zone based firewalls but not nearly enough. So today we will be talking about zone based firewalls. Why are they different? We also will learn the basics about what is zone based and what are the […]

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Cracking WEP

BackTrack is Linux  network security audit tool for security professionals. This tool is used for testing and penetrating networks. That being said This tutorial is for educational use only. This is meant only to teach that WEP is an insecure option, and is recommend to use a harder encryption. Using this tutorial on a network that you do not have […]

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Intel Thunderbolt

Intel announced on Friday (February 25th 2011) the new high speed connector that will coexists with USB 3.0. Apple also announced that it will be appearing first on the MacBook Pros.

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