Barracuda Load Balancer- Powershell

Great_Barracuda_off_the_Netherland_AntillesWorking on my Powershell skills, I was playing around with a Barracuda Load Balancer and noticed it supported some APIs which is kind of cool. At first I was playing around with it in postman and got to login and put some servers in maintenance mode, but then thought it would be really neat if I could get this working in Powershell, that way us humans can just run a script and even thinking in the “future” maybe have some automated process (a.k.a AI) handle this for us. 😉 So in this post I’ll talk about the script I created and some of the small challenges I had with this overall it was kind of neat putting this together. Continue reading “Barracuda Load Balancer- Powershell”

PRTG Daily Email Powershell Script

PRTG-LogoSo I don’t write much powershell but recently I needed a way to send daily emails out of PRTG. Thanks Paessler which has kept it simple with their PRTG monitoring system as the hardest part of this script was getting the data in HTML. (Remember I don’t write much powershell. 😉 ) If you have not used PRTG before check it out if you need some alerting in your environment. Personally this is one of my favorite systems for just monitoring because a lot of other monitoring systems include everything but the kitchen sink and reality we just need to know what’s up and what’s down. Continue reading “PRTG Daily Email Powershell Script”

Copy Running-Config From PowerShell

powershell-logoI will be up front on this I really never had that much experience with power-shell scripts but I wanted a quick way to connect to routers and switches and issue the show run command and have that script output everything into one file. So some searching around I decided to drive into power-shell to see if I could get something to work. Continue reading “Copy Running-Config From PowerShell”