Passed 640-554!

Short story, I am proud to say that I passed! I have studied off and on in the beginning of the year but I did set a date to take the exam which was June 28th .As that date was getting closer I buckled down and reviewed the materials again and focused in on some […]

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ICND2 – Passed!

So I just passed my ICND2 exam, I’m now CCNA certified! This was a long road to travel over a year ago I passed ICND1 which I recived the CCENT certification but with just general life getting in the way I also saw my chance of getting CCNA status stepping further in the distance. If […]

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How I passed the ICND1 Exam

Well my first of the many Cisco certifications that I plan take in the future was a success! I was able to pass the ICND1 exam. This blog post is going to be a little different in that I want to share how I was able to pass this test and talk about my experience.

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