GNS3 Alpha – Install and Setup

GNS3-logoSo Alpha 3 came out last week with a bunch updates and I decided to give it run this week. I’m not doing anything that difficult with the program so maybe I’m not breaking it in all the way but I also was looking at some installation notes for Ubuntu and other Linux flavors, I figured I’ll try to install it on a Windows machine and not Linux (call me lazy) feel free to follow this guide. Continue reading “GNS3 Alpha – Install and Setup”


640-911 (Chapter 12 & 13)

We are at the last chapters of the CCNA Data Center 640-911 by Todd Lammle. Chapter 12 talks about redundant switched technologies and chapter 13 talks about security. Just like before I will go over the high-points, so let’s get started! Continue reading “640-911 (Chapter 12 & 13)”

Inter-VLAN Routing on the Nexus 5k.

Nexus-PLineI previously had the chance to play around with the 5596UP switch, and made some notes on how to configure inter-vlan routing. Since this was a 5596UP switch I needed a layer 3 card to take advantage of it. The next-generation units the 5600 include layer 3 without a card required along with introducing 40GB uplinks! However in this post let’s go back to the basics and configure inter-vlan routing on a nexus switch and in this case I am using a 5596UP.  Continue reading “Inter-VLAN Routing on the Nexus 5k.”

Connecting FEX (5k to 2k)

Nexus-PLineI was pretty excited to get my hands on some of the Cisco Nexus product line which focuses on switching in the data center. The gear I have is an evaluation unit so I made some notes and one thing I was impressed is how easy it is to connect a Nexus 5K to a Nexus 2k also known as a fabric extender. I have kept it simple as the gear I have is a single Nexus 5596 along with a single Nexus 224TP-E who needs redundancy right? So in this post I’ll explain how to connect a 5k Nexus to a 2k extender. Let’s get started! Continue reading “Connecting FEX (5k to 2k)”

Configuring EtherChannel (PAgb)

NetworkSwitchesBundling physical links into one logical link is a common practice to up the bandwidth between switches, you may have this also configured on a server to bundle connections as well. In this tutorial I have two 2960 switches both of them trunking all VLANs on two gigabit ports. So in the end game is get 2gbps instead of 1gbps between switches while using Cisco’s proprietary protocol PAgb.   Continue reading “Configuring EtherChannel (PAgb)”