photo of house near treesEvery year I think about goals, either how to conquer them, reflect on them, and recently change them. We all have been there, we have a plan in our head that we follow for a handful of years or even decades… something happens… all of sudden things change.

It’s this change that I believe is so important to life, we can’t and shouldn’t be static, we have to change in order to grow ourselves. Life events happen to us all the time, the big ones that have happen to me are things like, collage graduation, this website!, my first career job as Network Engineer, unexpected loss of a family member, a new job, moving, my first home, promotions, all of which happened in the last decade. 2019 was such special year for me and I’ll remember it for the rest my life, so much has happen to me personally…

I really hope everyone allows themselves to be able to experience these life events, ups and downs personal or professional let these change you, that’s really the whole point of life…which in turn allows you to find who you are truly, and that should be everyone’s goal.

I started this blog to get better at writing, teaching people about networking and my overall experiences in this field. I really didn’t care if someone stumbled on it in the beginning, however over time that changed, I love this! I’m not saying goodbye, but what happens next is anyone’s guess, and that’s how I think life works the best!

– Ryan 🙂

FMCv – Change IP Address

Welcome Back 😉

Think about this for a bit, its been years ago when we first configured the our Cisco FMCv in our virtual environment perhaps this is running for years with no problems. (Lucky us!) All of our firewalls connect to it, policies are pushed correctly, IPS rules are updated correctly and we even have URL filtering turned on some devices, and upgrades work out of the box, it just works, again lucky us! We have remote backups working but we never needed them…

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Graylog with AWS Elasticsearch

Graylog-logoGraylog has been through some changes last time I talked about them, hitting version 3.0 in February is awesome and one of things that make Graylog run well is Elasticsearch backend. Although Elasticsearch is not too hard to setup it usually runs better on bare metal, so there is cost of that as well as maintenance of the cluster is important, updates and upgrades. Depending your team experience you may not have time to learn it or run it the way it should be. That last thing you want is your logging setup to go down because of poor maintenance.

So in this post we will walk though setting up a Graylog Server and using AWS Elasticsearch service for our backend. Without having a quick Elasticsearch cluster Graylog experience suffers, so let’s get started.

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Passed 300-115

Just a short post about my recent Cisco exam, I was able to pass the 300-115 to renew all my lower CCNA certifications. The last time I took a Cisco exam was almost 3 years ago when I passed the CCNA Data Center certification. Overall the exam was fair although you will need multiple study resources to make sure you cover all the exam objectives.

The primary reason for doing this exam first instead of ROUTE or TSHOOT was I felt it was maybe the hardest one? Won’t really know until I take the other two.

The resources I used:

I “officially” started about three months ago, but was really off and on throughout 2018.  During the last three months I did about an hour a day (Monday-Friday), the weekends I would shoot for 4 to 5 hours off and on during the day.

What’s Next

Not really in rush, so I’m probably going to wait until next winter, maybe ;)… I know it seems weird to drag this out and not just pass all of the exams but there are some personal/life goals this year I would like to at least start, in the meantime I hope this information is helpful and good luck!