Cisco Lab Setup

When it comes to learning and getting started with Cisco there are some tools that will help out a lot like Packet Tracer, GNS3 and other emulators. These are great tools for that “simulation” of hands on learning, but you can’t always stay in that area. I find it best to get hands on with “real” Cisco Gear and so with this post I’ll go through my current setup of what I have and ask that question when it is a good time to get a lab? Just because you may want to get a lab that does not guarantee you’ll actually learn and or pass.   Continue reading “Cisco Lab Setup”

What is the Nexus 1000v?

I have worked with the Nexus 1000v product and wanted to share my thoughts on it. I want to explain in this blog what this product is and what it does.  The Nexus 1000v can be virtual or a hardware appliance and is considered to be a virtual switch that runs in VMware. The major benefit to this product is the visibly you get when running in a virtual environment. Remember in the virtual environment the network engineer has a cloudy vision of what’s going, because the built-in switch within VMware does not get that technical it just works. This is fine for most people but not all, especially the network technicians we want that visibly and the Nexus 1000v does that and more! Continue reading “What is the Nexus 1000v?”