Welcome Super WiFi

Wow July is almost over and I only posted one topic! Before August comes up I wanted to post at least one more topic which deals with the wireless side of the networking world. Ever heard of Super WiFi? The IEEE has published this standard recently its official number is 802.22. What does Super WiFi bring to the table compared to other WiFi Standards? Well according to IEEE these speeds can bring up to 22Mbps to devices as far has 62 miles! How is this range possible? Well ever since the United States made the switch to digital over the air broadcasts there was this “extra space” Continue reading “Welcome Super WiFi”

Basic Wireless LAN Security

Although having a wireless LAN sounds like a wonderful idea, there are things that need to be implemented like security. A wireless LAN can be uncontrollable has it is just radio waves and anybody can receive them. Having and using good security practices can help you be under control of your wireless LAN. Continue reading “Basic Wireless LAN Security”


Well again we are continuing the discussion about the wireless standards. Yesterday I talked about 802.11b (See the post 802.11b), and before that I talked about 802.11a,(See the post 802.11a) I even talked about the 802.11 –Legacy (See the post 802.11 –Legacy) and in the beginning of the week I talked about the basic wireless concepts. (See the post Basic Wireless Standards) So on this Friday let’s talk about the 802.11g standard! Continue reading “802.11g”


Continuing where we left off the discussion, todays post will be talking about 802.11b wireless standard that was developed by IEEE. Yesterday’s post we talked about the 802.11a standard. (See the post 802.11a) We also we talked about the 802.11 – Legacy standard (See the post 802.11 – Legacy) and in the beginning of the week I went over some Basic Wireless Concepts (See the post Basic Wireless Concepts) So now that we are up to speed lets learn about the 802.11b standard. Continue reading “802.11b”

Basic Wireless Concepts

Mobility is now a common thing in a business environment, you no longer are fixed to specific cubicle in the work place anymore. What is also amazing is it will continue to change and become easier for employees to get work done, with their phone, tablet, and laptop computer. But what makes this possible? What is the underlying component? The internet is becoming more available in more locations, coffee shops, airports, and your cell phone service provider, with 3G and 4G speeds. Along with the United States of America which is also moving forward with the National Broadband Plan. So today let’s explore the wireless concepts! Continue reading “Basic Wireless Concepts”